How to breed Corado from the Colorado potato beetle


Among the wide variety of insecticides one must still be able to choose a truly effective, safe and inexpensive means. It is very important to follow the instructions that are attached to the drug. Even the best drug will not give good results if used improperly. Many gardeners choose a product called "Corado." In this article we will see how to dilute and use this drug. And also learn some features of the substance.

Characteristics of the drug

The developers have worked hard on the composition of the tool. The main active ingredient is imidacloprid. This is a highly effective high-speed component that is contained in the preparation in large quantities. It is he who is responsible for the destruction of the Colorado beetles. In addition, the product contains the avermectin complex, which is obtained from the fungi found in the soil.

Attention! This drug is dangerous for bees.

The substance is Packed in small ampoules and vials, from 1 to 20 ml. Due to the high content of toxic substances the drug has a rather pronounced unpleasant odor. Belongs to the third class of danger to human health. This means that during use it is necessary to adhere to safety rules.

Pests do not appear dependent on the components of the drug. It can be used regularly in the same area. But still advised to change the tool after three times a day. The new drug must have a different main component.


"Corado" is able to penetrate to beetles in several ways (intestinal, systemic and contact). Thanks to this, you can completely get rid of pests in the garden in a short time. The drug has a triple effect:

  1. Kills adult individuals.
  2. Destroys the larvae.
  3. Reduces the ability of eggs to breed.

This substance fights not only with the Colorado potato beetle, but also with other pests of cultivated plants. For example, it helps to get rid of spider mites, potato bugs and aphids. The drug remains effective regardless of weather conditions. And this can not but rejoice, because you usually have to re-process bushes after prolonged rains.

Important! After processing, the components affect the nervous system of the beetles and reduce their performance. Within 2 or 3 days the pests completely die.

Manufacturers do not recommend the use of insecticide with other drugs. This will only harm the plants and reduce the effectiveness of the procedure. Substances contained in the tool, accumulate and continue to operate for 4 weeks after treatment. During this time, all pests die, and their reappearance is unlikely.

Preparation and application of the solution

The effectiveness of the drug depends on compliance with all the rules described in the instructions. It is necessary to consider the size of the area during the preparation of the mixture. Dilute "Corado" is advised with water at room temperature. For 1 ampoule of the drug will need 5 liters of fluid. After mixing the components, the solution is poured into the barrel of the sprayer and proceed to the treatment of the bushes. As a toxic agent, it is necessary to protect the skin and respiratory tract.

Attention! The last processing of potatoes should be carried out no later than 3 weeks before harvest.

The solution can be sprayed or sprayed. The best time for treatment is morning or late evening. Apply the drug should be careful not to miss the bushes. How the pests die quickly depends on the correct application. It is better not to use "Corado" during a strong wind or rain.

In the instructions for use "Corado" from the Colorado potato beetle indicated that the drug can not be combined with other insecticides. Also, during treatment with the agent, fertilizing and other procedures using chemicals are not allowed. One ampoule of the drug is enough to process weaving beds with potatoes. The following procedures are performed as necessary.


This remedy for the Colorado potato beetle can not be attributed to highly dangerous drugs. But it is still necessary to follow certain rules:

  • dilute and use the drug should be only in gloves and protective clothing;
  • for breeding "Corado" can not use soda;
  • eating food, drinking water and smoking during the procedure is strictly prohibited;
  • after treatment, you must rinse the nose and throat, as well as take a shower;
  • If the product has got on the skin or mucous membranes, immediately rinse these areas with plenty of water;
  • to eliminate poisoning with poison, you must drink activated charcoal.

Attention! The drug can not be used if there is an apiary near.


"Corado" from the Colorado potato beetle has established itself as an excellent tool for pests. If you need to get rid of adult beetles, larvae and eggs in a short gallop, then this substance is for you. With it you can fight with other pests of agricultural crops. It is not surprising that many gardeners prefer this particular remedy.


Maria Zakharovna, 54 years old, Samara. Having once tried Corado against the Colorado potato beetle, I no longer want to return to other means, and even more so to the manual collection of pests. Insecticide can be used for several years on the same site. He is not addictive in beetles. Petr Sergeevich, 46 years old, Astrakhan city “Korado” is praised by many of my friends. In principle, I also liked this tool. I rarely use it, because I like to process tubers more before planting.