Varieties of brushed tomatoes for open ground

The most difficult process in the production of tomatoes is harvesting. Manual labor is necessary to collect the fruits; it is impossible to replace it with mechanics. To reduce the costs of large producers, varieties of brushed tomatoes were created. The use of these varieties reduced costs by 5–7 times.

Despite the fact that brush varieties of tomatoes were originally created for large agrarian farms, they were also liked by many summer residents.


Hand tomatoes differ from the usual ones in that the fruits in the hand ripen at the same time, significantly speeding up the harvest. Inside the group the varieties of tomatoes are divided into the following subgroups:

  • Large-fruited varieties, brush weight up to 1 kg;
  • Medium, brush weight up to 600 g;
  • Small, the weight of the brush does not exceed 300 grams.

The best varieties of squash tomatoes have a high resistance to fusarium infection. The skins of fruits of tomato tomatoes are very durable; such tomatoes do not crack, have excellent keeping quality and transportability. From 5 to 20 fruits ripen at the same time in the brush of tomato.

Bushes of varieties of tomato grown in open field, suitable for decorating the site, the photo shows the beauty of these plants.

Important! Choosing seeds of Dutch or Japanese breeding for planting in open ground, you need to make sure that their characteristics include resistance to adverse weather factors.

Most foreign varieties are designed for growing in protected conditions.

Sliced ​​Tomatoes

Hand-drawn tomatoes are very popular, so manufacturers have created many varieties. Fruits can be very small, which is typical for varieties like "Cherry", and very large, this is typical for varieties of beef-tomatoes. The color of the ripe fruit is also diverse, there are red, pink, yellow, black, green tomatoes with a marble pattern.

Some varieties of brushed tomatoes for open ground have exceptional yield. One bush can produce up to 20 kg of selected fruits of high commercial quality. But, planting such varieties, it must be borne in mind that the claimed yield was obtained using the highest level of agricultural technology. Any errors in the care will reduce the productivity of tomatoes.

All varieties of squash tomatoes are grown through seedlings. Plants are planted in the open ground at the age of 50–60 days, when the weather will be steadily warm.

Hand tomatoes can not tolerate cold. A short-term decrease in air temperature to 5 degrees can reduce plant productivity by 20%. At sub-zero temperatures, the plant dies. Sometimes after exposure to cold, only the leaves perish, the stem remains alive. In this case, the plant will grow further, but it will not give a good harvest.

Tip! Small varieties of brushed tomatoes have a sweet taste, without sourness. These tomatoes are very fond of children.

To improve children's immunity and replenish the supply of vitamin C in the body, it is enough to eat about 300 grams of tomatoes daily.

"Ivan Kupala", Siberian Garden

Wort variety, designed for open ground. Tomatoes are red-raspberry, pear-shaped, weight up to 140 gr. Suitable for all types of cooking.

  • Mid season;
  • Average;
  • Fruitful;
  • Resistant to heat.

The height of the bushes is no more than 150 cm. It is demanding of sunlight, it is necessary to remove excess leaves in order to accelerate the ripening of tomatoes. The variety is compact, good taste.

Banana Red, Gavrish

Tomato wrist, designed for cultivation in the open field. The fruits of tomato are red, elongated, up to 12 cm long, the weight of one tomato is up to 100 grams.

  • Mid season;
  • Height is average;
  • Resistant to many fungal diseases;
  • Requires mandatory garters;
  • Fruits have good keeping quality;
  • Productivity - up to 2.8 kg from a bush.

The height of the stem can reach 1.2 meters, the variety requires staving and pinching. Well tolerated long shipment.

"Banana", Ural summer resident

Tomato wrist, suitable for growing in greenhouses and open ground. Pepper tomato, red, excellent taste, weight of one tomato - up to 120 gr.

  • Medium early;
  • Average;
  • Requires shaping and garters;
  • Fruits are resistant to cracking.

In closed ground, the height of the plant can reach up to 1.5 meters, be sure to shape and stepchild a tomato of this variety.

"Grape", ElitSort

Variety brushed tomatoes suitable for cultivation in the open field and film shelters. The tomato is small, red.

  • Early;
  • Tall;
  • Requires garters and bush formation;
  • Differs in high decorative effect;
  • The brush is long, has up to 30 fruits.

A tomato bush of this variety has a height of about 1.5 meters; if not pinned, it can grow up to 2 meters or more. The fruits have an excellent tomato flavor, suitable for all types of cooking.

"Fahrenheit Blues", USA

Variety brushed tomatoes produced for growing in temporary shelters and open ground. The mature fruits of this variety have a marble color, with red and purple hues. Tomatoes of this variety have a good taste, suitable for salads, preservation, decoration of ready-made dishes. Not used to make tomato paste due to its particular color.

  • Medium early;
  • Tall;
  • Resistant to fungal diseases;
  • Does not crack;
  • It has a high decorative effect.

The bush has a height of about 1.7 meters, without pinching it can grow up to 2.5. On one square meter place 3 plants.

"Intuition F1", Gavrish

Cultivar tomato variety. It is grown up in open ground, greenhouses, temporary shelters. Fruits are red, round, equal. Weight 90-100 gr. In one brush ripens up to 6 tomatoes. Have excellent taste.

  • Early maturing;
  • Average;
  • High-yielding;
  • Resistant to weather conditions;
  • Resistant to many diseases of tomatoes.

The height of the bush reaches 1.9 meters, requires the formation of 2 stalks, removal of stepsons.

"Reflex F1", Gavrish

Tomato hand. Fruits are large, collected in a brush, which can be up to 8 pieces. Tomato weight - 110 gr. Tomatoes of red color, rounded shape.

  • Medium early;
  • Large-fruited;
  • Vigorous;
  • Does not form barren flowers;
  • Fruits are suitable for long-term storage.

The height of the bush can reach 2.5 meters, it is desirable to form in 2, a maximum of 4 branches. Productivity - up to 4 kg from a bush.

F1 Instinct

Fruits are medium, red, rounded, weight - about 100 grams. Tomatoes that have ripened on the bush have the most delicious, most pleasant taste.

  • Medium early;
  • Tall;
  • Teneustable;
  • Requires a garter.

The height of the bush without adjustment can reach 2 meters or more, it is necessary to form a bush. Requires a high level of agricultural engineering.

"La la fa F1", Gavrish

Fruits are dark red, flat-round, weighing up to 120 grams. Have fleshy pulp, dense skin. Can be used to make tomato paste and pickle whole tomatoes.

  • Average;
  • Mid season;
  • Resistant to diseases of tomatoes;
  • Drought resistant;
  • High-yielding.

The height of the stem 1.5 - 1.6 meters, requires support. If the stepsons are removed in time, the extra leaves - 4 plants can be placed on one square meter.

Liana F1, Gavrish

Cluster variety of tomatoes. Tomatoes of excellent taste, have a slight acidity. Fruits weighing up to 130 grams, red, rounded. Possess excellent transportability.

  • Mid season;
  • Average;
  • Requires support;
  • Resistant to vertex rot;
  • Does not crack.

Length up to 1.6 meters. It is necessary to regularly make complex dressings, in conditions of nutritional deficiencies, tomatoes become smaller.

Honey Drop, Gavrish

Hand tomato. Taste is sweet, very sweet. Have excellent keeping quality. Tomatoes are small, yellow, weighing up to 15 grams. The shape of the fruit is pear-shaped.

  • Indeterminant;
  • Tall;
  • Medium early;
  • Small-fruited;
  • Demanding on sunlight;
  • Resistant to fusarium.

The bush can reach 2 meters, requires pasynkovaniya. The variety is demanding on the composition of the soil, bad fruit on heavy, clay soils. Does not tolerate high acidity of the soil.

It is a variety, not a hybrid, you can collect your seeds.

Midas F1, Zedek

Carpal tomato. Fruits are orange, elongated. Weight - up to 100 grams. The taste is sour-sweet. Can be stored for a long time. Have a high content of sugars and carotene.

  • Medium early;
  • Tall;
  • Indeterminant;
  • Resistant to fusarium;
  • Differs in long fructification;
  • High-yielding.

Shrubs above 2 meters, medium leafy, must be grown on a trellis. Per square meter of soil can accommodate no more than 3 plants.

"Mikolka", NK Elite

Brush type tomato. Fruits are red, elongated, weighing up to 90 grams. Have an excellent presentation, thanks to a dense skin at whole-fruit canning do not crack.

  • Mid season;
  • Short;
  • Does not require a garter to the supports;
  • Compact;
  • Resistant to late blight.

Bush height up to 60 cm. Productivity up to 4, 6 kg. Does not require stabbing, but if you remove excess shoots, the yield increases. You can collect seeds for sowing for the next season.

"Niagara", Agros

Hand tomato. The fruits are elongated, red. Weight - up to 120 grams. In the brush up to 10 pieces. The taste is sweet and sour. Suitable for fresh consumption and preservation.

  • Medium early;
  • Tall;
  • High-yielding;
  • Compact;
  • Resistant to vertex rot.

Bush high, it is desirable to pinch the top. It has an average foliage, 5-6 plants can be planted per square meter. Requires regular fertilization. Productivity from 13 to 15 kg from a bush.

"Pertsevidny F1", Russian Vegetable Garden

Cultivar tomato variety. Suitable for preserving whole fruits, cooking tomatoes, salads. Tomatoes are red, plum-shaped, weighing up to 100 grams. Contain a small amount of seeds. In the brush from 6 to 10 ovaries. Have good transportability.

  • Mid season;
  • Indeterminant;
  • High-yielding;

Productivity not less than 10 kg from one bush. The stem is tall, at least 2.2 meters. Requires growing on the trellis or garters to support.

"Pertsovka", Siberian Garden

The fruits are elongated, red, weighing up to 100 grams. They have high taste qualities. Harvest can be stored for a long time.

  • Medium-early;
  • Short;
  • Unpretentious;
  • Does not require support;
  • Resistant to most diseases of tomatoes.

The bush is small, compact, up to 60 cm high. If you follow all the rules for growing tomatoes, you can get up to 5 kg from a bush.

"Full of F1", Aelita

Hand tomato. Fruits are round, red, weighing up to 90 grams. The brush is long, contains up to 12 ovaries. Used for all types of conservation.

  • High-yielding;
  • Medium late;
  • Requires a garter to the trellis.

The height of the bush to 120 cm, preferably grown on the trellis. Demanding lighting. Productivity 13 - 15 kg from a bush.

Rio Grande F1, Griffaton

Tomatoes are fleshy, red, plum-shaped. The weight of one tomato is up to 115 gr. In the brush to 10 ovaries. Suitable for cooking fresh and canned salads, canned whole-fruit canning. Not deformed during transportation.

  • Early;
  • Determinant;
  • High-yielding;

Plant height up to 60 cm. Demanding on the composition of the soil. Productivity can reach 4,8 kg from one bush. Up to 6 tomatoes can be placed on one square meter, if it is necessary to remove extra leaves in time to increase the access of sunlight to the fruits.

"Roma", Zedek

Fruits are red, oval, weighing about 80 grams. Ripe tomatoes are stored for a long time both in brushes and separately. Great for long transport.

  • Mid season;
  • Determinant;
  • Highly productive;
  • Unpretentious.

Bush height of about 50 cm. Garter to the support is not required. With one bush can collect up to 4.3 kg of tomatoes. It tolerates a short-term drought. Does not tolerate prolonged overmoistening of the root system.

"Sapporo F1", Gavrish

Fruits are red, small, weighing up to 20 gr. The brush contains up to 20 tomatoes. Suitable for all types of processing. Well transported.

  • Early;
  • Tall;
  • Fruitful;
  • Highly decorative.

Productivity - about 3.5 kg. Tomato has long branches, be sure to remove excess shoots. Untied plants are easily affected by fungal diseases.


Brush tomatoes are great for experimenting with new varieties. In addition to high yields, they are distinguished by their decorative appearance, which can give a real pleasure.