Planting hybrid tea roses in spring


Almost no plot can do without a rosary. Even if there is not a large number of garden beauties in the country, then every connoisseur of beauty plants a couple of bushes. Hybrid tea roses attract with their decorative effect and resistance to various influences. This variety is bred by breeders who want to preserve the aroma of tea rose, resembling freshly brewed tea, and increase resistance to disease and cold.

Nowadays there are a lot of varieties of garden tea-hybrid roses; it is easy for flower growers to choose an interesting look. The main advantages of the species are:

  • high decorativeness of the bush and elasticity of flower buds;
  • the ability to long-bloom from early summer to late autumn;
  • resistance to weather extremes.

In order to grow decent hybrid tea varieties on your site, you need to know the characteristics of rose growing agrotechnics.

Choosing a place on the site for roses

If you decide to grow hybrid tea on your site, then pick a well-lit place. An excellent choice would be the southeast side of the site with low groundwater levels.

Attention! Next to the rose garden, place low trees, which at the same time provide plants with wind protection and good ventilation.

In this case, you can prevent many diseases.

For hybrid tea roses suitable light loamy soil, but any other can be prepared for planting. Compost, sand and ashes are brought to the heavy, and clay and humus are added to the light.

Before planting the hybrid tea beauty, at least 10 kg of humus per 1 sq. M. square meter (for poor soil) and dig up to a depth of 50 cm.

A pit on such ground is prepared shortly before planting a hybrid tea garden rose, a fertile layer is poured into it at a third of the depth.

On acidic, heavy clay and light sandy soil, it is required to dig up planting pits a month before planting bushes. The size of the pits make 60x50 cm, fill her third with nutrient composition. For the mixture take the turf ground, humus, sand (or clay - for sand). The ratio of components is 5: 4: 1. Mineral fertilizers are added to the mixture:

  • granulated superphosphate 250 g;
  • wood ash 200 g;
  • lime 300 g

What else should be considered when choosing a place for the queen of the garden?

Illumination. Especially in the morning. Under such conditions, dew from the bush leaves evaporates quickly, so the risk of infection with rust and powdery mildew is significantly reduced. If you decide to plant a shrub tea-hybrid rose in the shade, then:

  • its leaves will become pale, their number will decrease;
  • the terry of flowers will decrease;
  • bloom will begin later;
  • fungal diseases will develop.

Temperature and air circulation. Protection from strong wind tea-hybrid garden roses is a must, and good air circulation will prevent the spread of disease.

The depth at which the groundwater is located. If they are closer than 1.5 m, they drain. Also come in areas with an excess of moisture.

Although the varieties are constantly updated, the hybrid tea tea cannot boast strong endurance to weather extremes. Therefore, not only the preparation of the soil, but the correct fit and proper care will be required. In this case, the gardener on the site will have magnificently blooming rose gardens with exquisite flowers. Hybrid tea rose, landing and care of which is carried out according to the rules, develops and decorates the site normally throughout the season.

Planting hybrid tea beauty

We conducted the preparation of the soil, now we need to wait until it warms up and begin the process of planting. Garden tea hybrid aristocrat does not like the cold land. When is it better to plant the plants?

Tip! The ideal time is considered planting roses in the spring, better in late April.

Seedlings can be purchased in March and save until planting time. To do this, they are placed in wet sand and put in the basement. Some gardeners leave seedlings in a room, placing them in a container with earth on the windowsill.

As soon as it is time to plant a rose in the ground, cut the roots. Look at the cut - it should be white inside, this is a healthy tissue. Then place the seedling for half an hour in ordinary water. Planting hybrid tea roses in spring is as follows:

  1. Pour water on the ground, 5 liters with one tablet of “Heteroauxin” is enough.
  2. Place the roots in the planting hole, deepening the site of grafting a few centimeters.
  3. Bury the roots, occasionally shaking the rose, and tamp the soil around the seedling.
  4. Water the bush.

Only planted hybrid tea bushes should not be allowed to bloom.

Tip! The first 5 buds break off to give the opportunity to harden the root system.

As soon as the height of the plant reaches 50 cm, the buds are left to bloom.

Pruning Hybrid Tea Rose

Another important point of agrotechnical measures is the pruning of hybrid tea roses. The main and main for the bushes - spring pruning. It is important to hold it on time. Optimally - before blooming buds on roses, but already when the threat of recurrent frosts is over. You will cut off earlier - the kidneys which have begun to grow, will freeze at the time of frosts. Late - the hybrid tea garden rose by this time will spend a lot of power on the food shoots, which you still cut.

How to prune roses in spring

First, prepare the tool for trimming - pruner, garden file, garden knife. Additionally, you will need:

  • a solution of potassium permanganate (oriented to a dark pink color) or copper sulfate (100 grams per bucket of water);
  • garden pitch, which can be replaced with Novikov liquid.

Before you start trimming the hybrid tea garden roses, clearly define the goal you are pursuing. Pruning can provide:

  • a particular bush shape;
  • the extension of his period of life;
  • high-quality appearance of flowers on pruned plants;
  • abundant and earlier flowering.

By removing old branches, you stimulate a hybrid tea rose to grow new shoots for flowering. Before you figure out how to trim a bush correctly and beautifully, you should dwell on certain rules:

  1. The tool must be well ground. Otherwise, the cut will subside, and the bark and wood will wither and become a source of possible infection.
  2. Accurately observe the place and shape of the cut on the escape of the hybrid tea rose. It is made obliquely, at a distance of no more than 5 mm above the kidney, in order to prevent moisture from entering it. A stump over 5 mm after dying off will become a breeding ground for the infection. A lower cut is dangerous due to the possibility of kidney damage.
  3. Cut the stalks of the hybrid tea beauty to healthy tissue. She has a white core.
  4. Pruning is done on the outer bud, so that the growth of the shoot is not directed inside the bush. This makes it possible to maintain a good illumination of the bush.
  5. Cut off all damaged, dry and dead parts of the bush.
  6. Each section is treated with Novikov liquid or garden pitch.
  7. Once the pruning is done - spray the hybrid tea roses with copper sulfate solution (1%) for prevention.

When the growing shoots reach an average length of about 20 cm, pinch the tops. This technique is done in the phase of unpainted buds. Pinching tea and hybrid roses in spring improves the quality of flowers and lengthens the flowering period.

After carrying out important spring procedures, it is necessary to competently care for the growing bush of the tea-hybrid beauty.

Care of the queen of the garden during the season

Responsiveness of roses to watering and feeding is amazing. This is due to their biological characteristics. Indeed, in the plant there is a complex interchange between the parts. Some supply nutrients, others carry out the synthesis. At certain periods of the growing season, hybrid tea roses require different nutrients.

Top dressing

Spring feeding stimulates the growth of roots and shoots, so it is important to make nitrogen.

Summer is needed to restore the shoots after cutting flowers and give new growth. Requires a complete mineral complex fertilizer in combination with organic matter.

Autumn - is used for the accumulation of plastic substances and preparation for wintering. Now potassium is added with phosphorus.

Hybrid tea roses in the first year can not feed. But this is only if you applied fertilizer during planting. It will be enough after pinching to shed them with infusion of mullein or chicken manure. The first component is diluted in a ratio of 1:10, the second 1:20. Infusion is made in liquid form very carefully. Try not to fall on the leaves and shoots, and after making the solution - water the roses. It is better to make grooves around the perimeter, shed water, then fertilizer and cover with earth.

Watering, how to save the plants in winter, pruning - these activities do not differ in the care of hybrid tea roses and other types of rose bushes.

Popular varieties of hybrid tea beauties

Varieties bred by breeders very much. All of them differ in the main features:

  1. Height - bush grow from 50 cm to 1 meter.
  2. The shape of a hybrid tea beauty is a sprawling, narrow, narrow pyramidal rose.
  3. The color and quality of leaves - from delicate to leathery, thin and thick, dull and shiny.
  4. Flowers - here it is impossible to list all the variety.
  5. The number of flowers on the stalk.

Summer residents choose different varieties according to their preferences. But some are very popular.


Stems in a variety of up to one and a half meters, upright. The aroma is weak, the flowers in diameter reach 12 cm. Refers to semi-double types of hybrid tea roses. Excellent rescue and in drawing up a bouquet and decorating the hedge.

Peer Gynt

Early, beautiful variety of tea and hybrid garden roses. The disadvantage is a predisposition to powdery mildew disease. Bush neat compact up to 90 cm in height. Thorns are thin and sharp. At the beginning of flowering the flowers are golden yellow, then pink bloom appears on the edges of the petals.

Prima Ballerina (Prima Ballerina)

The very name of the variety suggests the place of the hybrid tea garden rose in the popularity rating. Erect shrub reaches 1 meter in height. Large inflorescences of unusual color pink cherry. It is considered to be a bed of hybrid tea, but it has a weakness - it is unstable to diseases.

Dame de Coerr (Dame de Coeur)

Resistant variety of hybrid tea aristocratic disease and frost. The aroma is delicate, but weak. Double and large flowers are very beautiful, the diameter of one is about 12 cm. It looks good in group planting and in bouquets.

La France (La France)

Very popular variety of hybrid tea beauty. The flower wins by its color - the upper part of the petals is silvery-pink, and the lower part is bright-pink. Rich aroma, good winter hardiness distinguishes it from the line of varieties. But it is not always able to resist fungal lesions.

Lucky Piece

Very beautiful variety with double-sided coloring of petals - apricot-pink on top, orange-red from below. Bush compact, well leafy, flowers gustomahrovrovye.


These varieties represent a small part of the gallery of beautiful hybrid tea garden roses. Therefore, it is possible to choose a flower for every taste. The main thing is to fulfill the requirements of agricultural engineering and love your roses.